How to Choose the best MRI Centre in Noida

MRI centre in Noida

MRI, also known as magnetic resonance imaging, is a test conducted using radio waves, magnets, and a computer to vividly view organs and the inner structure of the body. It is a painless procedure that produces detailed images. The diagnostic center in Noida performs tests such as MRI to accurately diagnose problems of the organs.

But x-rays or any form of radiation is not used for testing. This test is conducted when people require frequent imaging to give treatment to patients or diagnose a problem. An MRI is usually conducted to monitor the brain. The best diagnostic center in Noida perform MRI to monitor the condition of the brain.

Meaning of open MRI

When a machine is employed to capture images, it is an open MRI or open bore. This machine consists of two flat magnets that are placed on top and at the bottom of you, and the gap between the two is wide. So, as it consists of an open space between two sides, people do not experience claustrophobia. But people commonly experience this problem with closed-bore MRI machines.

But the open MRI machine cannot produce such vivid images as the closed-bore MRI. Closed MRI consists of rings of magnets forming a hole or tube at the center, and a patient lies down to get the images. The space between head and ceiling is narrower, and some people feel nervous and uncomfortable when images are extracted. But such machines produce the best images.

You should talk to your healthcare provider if you are anxious about closed spaces. So, they may arrange sedatives or even induce anesthesia if required.

MRI with contrast

Injections of contrast material are also used for some MRI exams, and the agents consist of gadolinium, known as a rare earth metal. To produce the best-quality images, it changes the magnetic properties of molecules nearby when the substance is present in the body. It is used to improve the specificity of the images.

It is used to improve the visibility of the following structures:

Blood vessels


to check the flow of blood to certain organs


The healthcare provider places an intravenous catheter or IV line into a vein in the arm or in your hand if the MRI needs contrast material. This IV line is used to inject the contrast material.

The contrast material is a safe drug, but some people experience side effects that vary from mild to severe. Rarely, people experience severe reactions.

The MRI center in Noida performs both types of MRI i.e. open MRI, closed MRI.

You can also find the best CT scan centers in Noida to perform CT scan to produce quick images.

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